Become an LYP Ambassador


Our objective is simple. We want to help those who are working in a purpose-led career to be successful. We want to build a community filled with like-minded, loving people who are out to change the world for the better.
Ambassador and Client Relations


Our innovative strategy revolves around your experience and the client's experience with us. We are a family, community, and together we create a culture that is inviting, vibrant, and positive.
Ambassador Rewards


Becoming an LYP Ambassador is fun, exciting, and rewarding. When you tell your friends about us and they request our services, you will earn cash back. We love giving back!

We’re so much more than a digital marketing agency...

We humanize marketing by focusing on personal development and business growth.

What is an Ambassador?

Simply put, they're our business partners.

An LYP Ambassador is a business coach who works with health coaches, spiritual coaches, business coaches and the like to increase their revenue.

Of course, to be a POWERFUL Ambassador you do NOT need to be a business coach, you will, however, need to be a freak of nature with building community, sharing success stories, inspiring others to invest in their personal growth and development.

How it works:


For potential clients that want to improve their business.


Those potential clients to us that would mesh well with the services we offer.

Get Paid

On a monthly basis once your referral signs up to be our client.

“There is power in unity and there is power in numbers.” - Martin Luther King