Our Mission & Vision

Driven by people who are making a difference, who are building movements and empowering themselves to live a purpose led life.

Our Vision

We see our world evolving and growing consciously. This world is filling up with heart-centered entrepreneurs who have a passion and endless drive for change. We envision a world that loves more, hugs more, laugh more, and lives with purpose. Empowered by technology, we support those who want to prosper to live life to its fullest.


Nikki Jencen, MSOL, CHHC

Creative Director, Business & Leadership Coach

Nikki Jencen is a wife, mom of two, and a trailblazer entrepreneur who is on a mission to help people find and live their purpose. She is a former certified holistic health coach, social worker, and chef that now has a burning passion for marketing. 

Marketing is the heartbeat of business and we can’t profit from living our purpose if we can’t market ourselves. That’s why it’s critical that our clients understand on a deep level who they are, who they serve, their movement, and the focus of their business. Nikki coaches her clients before putting together a marketing package because their mission needs to be precise prior to building an online presence. 

Nikki is a researcher and an inquisitive mastermind. She is a nerd, extroverted introvert, and a downright advocate for all things good. Nikki obtained a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, B.A. in Sociology, and is a certified holistic health coach.

Nikki Jencen