It’s tough to build a following on social media these days. Business owners struggle with getting their numbers to go up on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The days of organic views and likes are long gone. The algorithms change constantly and no one knows what social media outlets will do next.

Big box marketing companies post without thinking about the end goal which typically yields little to no success. Live Your Purpose Marketing does social media differently. We care about your client relationships and that’s how we increase your follower base.

We help you dig deep into your community and company culture so that you can attract the perfect clients to your business.

Since every business is different we do not offer a one size fits all price. Instead, we work with you, and your budget to create a program that works for you and your business.

Here is what we offer:

Header: Social Media Management Services

  • Social Media Analytics & Data Hacking
  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Paid Media (PPC, Facebook Ads)
  • Influencers Interaction (get noticed)

Here’s is where we get deeper than big box companies:

  • Social Media Video Marketing (captivating short videos)
  • Instagram Photo Styling
  • Social Photoshoots
  • Instagram Collaborations
  • Social Photo Styling
  • Influencer + Media Marketing:
  • We connect our clients to like-minded digital influencers for collaborating
  • Create strategic PR plans to ensure effective outreach
  • Increase sales through increased brand awareness
  • Be seen in print and digital media outlets
  • Digital Media & Blogger Outreach
  • Digital Media & Blogger Campaigns
  • Digital Media & Blogger Seeding
  • Instagram & Social Media Collaborations
  • Instagram & Social Media Influencer Seeding
  • Digital Media & Blogger Management

If you’re ready to work with us on your social media campaigns to become the influencer you see yourself as, then click the “get started” button, and a member of our team will chat with you shortly.